Adventures in Archamae

The Planning Begins
That time the party planned to kill a dude

Time Covered: Newdae, the 13th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC – Fulldae, the 16th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC

The party found themselves back at the Drunken Ogre with only six days to fulfill their contract on Dessus Kinleaf. They began to start to plan exactly how to get away with the crime when a young woman in full armor entered the bar. Her name was Thera, and she was there on a mission from the Church of Pholtus, a lesser known deity of light and law.
While at first, the party was unsure of her, Tormund convinced them that having a Paladin from a more “good” god would be a good cover for their mission. AS such, the party took to keeping her around. Thera was more than happy for this, as she was sent to investigate a rash of demonic activity in the area that the party was directly involved in. One of her missions was to investigate the group, so Thera was more than happy to hang with the group.
After that, Thomas noticed a gnome sitting on the end of the bar, seemingly listening to their conversation. Thomas and Eris figure it would be best for her to follow the gnome and see what he was up to. Tormund and Thomas set out to again try and find the roots for Thomas’ poison with Thomas leaving a flirty note for the gnome. This time, with the help of Thomas, they were able to successfully find the necessary ingredient and bring it back to the Drunken Ogre, where Thomas could begin his work.
Meanwhile, Eris followed the gnome back to Founson Manor. She then came back to the bar to find Thomas awake and waiting for her and she disclosed the information. The party then spent the next couple days discussing this, along with just how they plan to kill Dessus, all while trying to keep Thera more or less in the dark. The plan decided upon was sneak into the Silver Drow the night before the festival and sneak some poison into his drink. This would be done by using Pirrim’s connection with Serin to get someone working at the bar.
During all of this, Eris snuck into Kinleaf Manor twice. Once to recover a sample of his writing for a previous plan that involved giving his seat to his daughter Shaya as opposed to the assumed heir Avanin, And the second to find official documents to see just who he was giving his power to. This lead to a break in of the Gubernatorial Manor and city offices, and it was discovered that Dessus planned to pass the head of house title to his daughter, skipping over his elder son (which had not been done in the Kinleaf house for 500 or so years).
With everything set and as much information as possible gathered. The party could only wait until the right night to finish the contract they had started.

The Bargining
That time the party bargained with a Dragonborn.

Time Covered: Falldae, the 11th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC. – Newdae, the 13th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC

After Pirrim used the last of her abilities to identify some of the items the party had collected for Tiberius, Pirrim and Tormund went to sleep. While the two Slept, Eris and Thomas took the time to count and arrange the haul. Upon waking up, Pirrim and Tormund came downstairs. The party began to attempt to figure the value of the collected items, which they figured to be somewhere in the range of 10,000gp.
The party figured that they were owed more than the mandolin that had been promised to Pirrim. They took the time to figure how exactly they hoped to barter with Tiberius, as they had no interest in the items at hand (save the Wand of Wonder) they thought it might be best to try and haggle with the dragonborn to see if they couldn’t sweeten the deal.
After the discussion, Pirrim asked Thomas to deliver a message to Serin. Thomas agreed and took the Wand of Wonder with him, looking for a place to try it out. Though he was unable to give the message to Serin, as only her father and brother were at the stand, he was able to use the wand, which turned him invisible.
He returned to the Drunken Ogre and managed to startle Pirrim and Tormund by teleporting into the room. Meanwhile, Eris went out to double check their prices with a local blacksmith who specialized in enchantments. Though she was unable to talk to him personally, she did speak with someone at the smithy, who gave her the prices of the items, though was disappointed that she did not purchase anything.
Upon her return, their suspicions confirmed, they decided it would be best to go to Tiberius with only the family heirloom sword, but leaving the rest of the goods at the inn.
The next day, Pirrim and Thomas went to the Mage’s Hand to talk with Tiberius. After pleasantries, they were able to convince the shop owner to give each party member one item from his stores, along with Pirrim’s mandolin. The party then took Tiberius back to the inn, and he collected his goods. The party was excited to collect their items, and followed him back to his shop to claim their rewards.
As the party decided on their items, Pirrim went out with her new toy to find Serin. Passing her working at her shop, she was only able to give wayward glances while Serin’s father stared her down. Serin was later able to meet Pirrim at the Drunken Ogre, and they took the time to go out on a small date to a riverside restaurant. Though the date was exceedingly awkward, they decided to meet again soon.
Somewhere along the way, Tormund realized that he could summon a mount, and so he did! With his majestic Elk, Thomas asked him to go out and search of some ingredients for a poison he was looking to use against Dessus. Though Tormund did look majestic on his steed, he was unable to find the ingredient.
The party reconvened that evening to figure what should be done next.

Some Minor Adventures
That time the Party split up for a day or so.

Time Covered: Wanesdae, the 10th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC – Falldae, the 11th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC

The day began with the party waking up and coming down to the bar for breakfast. Tormund and Thomas started the day a little more hungover than they would have liked, but eventually the party was able to convene and talk about the day.
They decided that after everything that they would spit up, having Tormund and Pirrim head out to recover the goods that Tiberius was looking for, and Thomas and Eris would continue to look into how to infiltrate and kill Dessus.
The party decided to use Thomas’ skeletons to signal if anything had gone wrong. If the skeletons were sitting up, everything is fine, if they are lying down, things have gone wrong, and if they cart and skeletons were not there, then Eris and Thomas have skipped town.
Pirrim and Tormund set off for the old shack that the goods are stored in. They encountered nothing on the way, and finding the shack placed along a lake.
Within the shack, there was a noise. After some discussion, it was decided that Tormund would go see what was up. Inside he found a finely dressed man who called himself Thal. While he was nice, he was a bit odd. He engaged Tormund in conversation until Pirrim snuck up on the shack to figure out what was going on. Thal seemed to hear her, and invited her in.
After a song from Pirrim, Thal started to make a deal with the pair. Thal was given 500gp of the stash as well as a few items, which were magical. Pirrim and Tormund were able to keep the rest, and take the rest of the evening to get the haul out of the shack. Thal watched with amusement, and after the two finished, he thanked them and turned into a Copper Dragon, grabbing the treasures and flying off into the distance.
In Amallin, Eris and Thomas took the day to do a bit of shopping and exploring. Thomas picked up a job with a small potions and herbs shop. The shopkeep implored him to explore a thin spot in the planes that meets with the Feywilds. They were giving away leaves of a plant found in the Feywild that are used to create a truth serum. Thomas of course, already knew who was responsible, but went about his errand anyway.
He eventually found Jez, the fairy who first gave him the leaves that he uses for his addiction. He took some for his new employer and took some for himself.
Eris meanwhile did a bit of shopping, picking up a Luckstone, and item which increases the users luck when it is on their person.
The two met back at the Drunken Ogre and went to sleep for the night. The two awoke the next morning and came down to breakfast. soon after Tormund and Pirrim came in, exhausted form travelling through the night with the haul in tow. They promised for talk later, but now was the time to sleep.

Escape from the Flying Orc
That time Pirrim and Eris Managed to escape.

Time Covered: Fulldae, the 9th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC

We began with Pirrim and Eris having finally subdued Afla, the owner of the Flying Orc and some sort of evil wizard/warlock who was trying to summon something. After the paralysis wore off, Pirrim and Eris did their best to question her, though she was reluctant to give any answers. It seemed she was attempting to raise something, but soon, she escaped, teleporting to the door and running upstairs.
Eris and Pirrim gave chase, with Eris managing to shoot Afla in the knee. Eris used her rogue-ish speed to cut off Afla’s escape, only to find that she was more than happy to die right there. Managing to momentarily reconnect with her dark lord, Afla summoned four demons from the abyss, and stabbed Eris with a poisoned dagger, once again knocking her unconscious.
Pirrim gave up on trying to reason with Afla, and with the new reinforcements, managed to teleport her and Eris outside, and make a run for the Drunken Ogre.
Meanwhile, Thomas and Tormund returned to the bar from a delightful chat with a half-orc guard who is one of the guards for the Kinleaf estate. As they sat and chit-chatted with Maz, Pirrim and Eris burst, in, Eris looking particularly rough, and Pirrim regaled with the story of their fight and subsequent escape.
Maz seemed particularly interested, and left, disappearing into the basement of the Inn. Thomas went after her, though was distracted by Yoeth and his rabbit stew. Maz came out of the basement with three burly men, one a white dragonborn, and the other two humans. Without a word, they came out from behind the bar, and went outside of the Inn. further investigation lead the party to learn that Maz was once a member of the thieves guild of Amallin, known as the Eyes of Amal, and they she seemed still to be connected. The three men were guards, meant to ward off any counter attack by Afla.
One never came, though, and after a short recovery, the party decided to investigate the Flying Orc. Though Thomas had already asked a couple guards to go check it out for them, as he and Tormund were meeting the half-orc guard at the Faerie’s Taint for a drink and hopefully some information.
Arrival at the Flying Orc found it empty of people, save the few guards who were investigating. The party went back down into the basement and Thomas took a closer look at the altar. It was ascertained that it was to summon a demon, specifically one of the lower lords of the abyss. As the party left and Thomas gave the town guard more “helpful” advice, the party noticed three hooded figures approaching the bar. Eris noted one of them was Tiberius Stormwind, owner of the Mage’s Hand and someone with whom they had already agreed to do a job for.
The Party waited and had a quick chat with the group. An Elven man, upon finding out that Thomas was the son of the head mage of the Blue Tower, insisted that Thomas help with the investigation. Tormund was put off by this, as he was looking forward to a night of drinking, but Thomas promised to catch up and went back down to see what he could learn.
Pirrim and Eris went to the Drunken Ogre, where Pirrim performed wonderfully yet again and found Serin waiting for her in the crowd.
Thomas learned most of what he had already known, along with the fact that a very powerful individual or item would have needed to be sacrificed or used to summon the demon lord. The mages all puzzled at what that could be, Thomas himself was confused, though no without suspicion.
Eventually, he made his way to the Faerie’s Taint and met with Tormund, and the two spent the night drinking and learned that Dessus spends most of his time at the municipal building of the city, working. They also learned that there is a small revolutionary faction within the city, which has been there for some time, and learned about the cities true founder, Amal.
The pair eventually made their way back to the Drunken Ogre and passed out.

Dicks Bars and Traps
That time Eris and Pirrim got captured

Time Covered: Fulldae, the 9th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC.

We return to our heroes having been drugged by Afla, owner of the Flying Orc. While Eris was able to fight off the effects of whatever was put into their drinks, Pirrim found it too difficult to resist and fell asleep at the bar.
Eris was then dragged down by one of the servers into the basement of the Flying Orc, with the unconscious Pirrim being dragged by two of the other servers. As they reached the basement, Eris saw an Altar with writing she could not understand that glowed with a strange and dark magic. Pirrim was chained to the wall with some manacles that were installed there, and Eris was tied to the altar. Afla began chanting, starting what seemed to be some sort of ritual, and brandishing an odd knife.
It was then that Eris dropped her disguise self spell, and stopped looking like Thomas, and started looking like herself. Afla was enraged at this, obviously thinking she was Thomas, and an odd voice, coming from seemingly nowhere, order her to kill them both.
After a long, arduous battle that saw Eris get knocked unconscious twice, only to have Pirrim come to her aid, the pair managed to destroy the altar, and release at least one of the servers from his servitude. Afla herself was paralyzed and of the other two servers, one lays dead and the other is being held by his compatriot.
Meanwhile, Thomas and Tormund returned to Kinleaf Manor to see what other information they coudl find. Tormund struck up a conversation with a half-orc guard who seemed to very much like Tormund. He offered the pair to meet up with him at the Faerie’s Taint, a local pub that the guards often drink at.
After the information was waylaid to Thomas, they agreed that this is a good course of action, as they will be able to find out as much information as possible about the guards and their routines.

Straight as the Raven Flies
That time we chased a raven for a bit

Time Covered: Risdae, the 8th of Saesmonth – Fulldae, the 9th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC.

The day began with a hearty breakfast and a discussion about how that party was going to proceed with the rest of their plans. With time slowly but surely ticking down on their contract, decisions were going to need to be made. It was decided that the party would go find and do their best to case Kinleaf Manor, which they found with ease.
As they looked on, a young halfling named Shaya Kinleaf, daughter of Dessus Kinleaf. A kind young lady, she offered to show the party around the house gardens, and Thomas took a good look around, finding a small, semi-hidden back gate that may be useful to the party in the future.
After the tour, the party thanked Shaya and went about deciding what to do when they spotted a raven who was suspiciously paying attention to the party. As it began to fly away, Pirrim managed to catch the bird using her mage hand. After examining the bird, as well as some paralysis to help thanks to Eris, the party managed to deduce that this was someone’s familiar, though who’s remained a mystery.
After much deliberation, Eris was volunteered to attempt to follow the bird back to it’s owner, and after she was sufficiently buffed she set off. While the rest of the party made their way back to discuss the familiar, Eris did her best to follow the bird, even managing to cross a river thanks to her magical enhancements. However, she felt that the raven was getting too far away, and made the choice to paralyze it in order to catch up.
While her wand of paralysis was successful, the now paralyzed bird was in mid-air, and fell into the city, without a trace. After 45 minutes of searching she was able to come across where it had landed, and after a brief conversation with Jay, a kabob/gyro cart owner managed to figure that the bird had died on it’s landing.
She also learned that Jay knew of a man who may have such a familiar, a dragonborn named Tiberius Stormwind, who owns the city’s largest magic shop, called the Mage’s Hand.
Eris returned to the party with this information, and the party decided to pay a visit to the Mage’s Hand, and see waht information they could find out.
They found that the Mage’s Hand is a well stocked shop, which included a couple of choice item, mainly a very nice lute that Pirrim was immediately enamored with. It turned out Tiberius had a use for the party too, and offered them the lute for recovery of lost goods, a couple of days outside of town. While Tiberius does not know what dangers await, he was willing to give up a very nice item, as well as discount a very cool mace for Tormund, in order to retrieve these goods.
Tiberius also recognized the raven as one who may belong to Afla, the owner of the Flying Orc. This confirmed the suspiscions that something was definitely up going on there.
The party agreed to find Tiberius’ things, and it was decided they they woud leave in the morning, as Pirrim had scheduled a gig at the Drunken Ogre for that evening. With some time left in the day, the party decided to continue their investigation of the Flying Orc. Tormund and Thomas were sent to go scout out the Kinleaf manor more, while Eris decided to use disguise self to look like Thomas, and go with Pirrim into the bar.
Alfa seemed more than pleased to see them both, and sat them down for a free drink, again apologizing to “Thomas” for the spill on his clothes yet again.
The drinks were more than they seemed, however, and Pirrim found herself falling asleep after only one, and did her best to warn her friend before passing out. Before Eris could react, she found herself grabbed by one of the muscle-men who work there, with no idea what Afla may have in store for them.

The Possessed Girl
That time we exorcised a demon.

Time Covered: Waxsdae, the 7th of Saesmonth – Risdae, the 8th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC.

We began with a look into Thomas’ time studying the inner workings of the Amallin Council. As he watched the proceedings of the court, he took notice of which issues Dessus took care of, and his place in the council. Thomas did his best to keep track of everything that was going on, and after a long day of observation felt a little better about the person they would have to kill. Well, better in that he knows them, not about actually killing him.
Meanwhile the other three found themselves still in the room with the possibly possessed and/or crazy woman. After Eris dispelled her disguise, Tormund was able to figure out very quickly that she was possessed with a fiendish presence, and attempted three times to remove the beast from her, though with no luck. The three agreed that it may be best to get Thomas in on the action, as they were in a little over their heads, and so, with Eris recasting the disguise self spell, they left the manor unopposed, but, upon reaching the gate, ran into the real Chet along with the other guard who realized they were dealing with an imposter.
After a good bit of discussion, Eris and Pirrim managed to convince the other guard (as well as a couple more who had heard the distress call) that Eris was the real Chet, and that the other was an imposter, and so he was taken away, and the party made a quick escape to find Thomas.
Upon finding Thomas, they found a noteboard, stating that the city was looking for a murderer, who was yet unknown and killing on a nightly basis. After retelling their story, Thomas was a bit disapointed in their actions but thought that they could use the fiend to kill Dessus for them. The party considered their options, and after much discussion and a rockin’ concert by Pirrim, the party decided to rest on the subject.
Thomas took an early sleep and went out around 12:30am to watch the Founson Manor. Though he missed the exit, he saw the possessed girl returning to the home, confirming his suspicions that she was the murderer.
The next morning, the party went to the crime scene, hoping that they could find a way to mimic the deaths, therefore making the killing of Dessus look like this murderer, as opposed to the party. They found that the bodies were literally drained to life. After a bit more discussion, the party realized that it may be best to deal with the problem of the fiend and find a better way to kill Dessus.
They then found Andamaea Founson, and convinced her to let them into her home to deal with the problem. Though it took a bit of convincing, they managed to be purposefully let back into the home they broke into the previous day and face the fiend head on.
Thomas took a bit of time to try to speak with the thing, finding out that it was a demon named Kazan. Unfortunately, demons are from the infinite abyss, a place of roiling chaos and evil, and Thomas knew that it would be difficult to strike a deal with the thing, though he tried anyway.
So, with their options exhausted, the party set about removing the demon, carefully trying to not kill the girl, Ankya Founson, and managed to remove it from her body, and then slay the beast.
Andamaea Founson was very grateful but still annoyed, as it seems she spoke with her guards from the previous day whilst the party dealt with the demon. The party was able to leave, however, and quickly exited, and began to think through their plans to truly take care of Dessus Kinleaf.

Meetings and Sneakings
That time the party went to the council, and snuck around.

Time Covered: Sehadae, the 6th of Saesmonth – Waxsdae, the 7th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC.

Whilst the rest of the party sang and explored, Thomas found himself at the shrine to Wee Jas at the local acropolis. After paying his respects and filling out the paperwork necessary to give him five fresh skeletons to work with, Thomas took the time to have a quick chat with the high priest of Wee Jas. Though the conversation was short, Thomas left feeling a little better about what he was doing in the world.
After leaving and walking through the North part of town, Thomas was bumped into by a half-elven woman who accidentally spilled some of her spiced wine on his cloak. She was apologetic and offered to take him back to her inn to get him new clothes. Thomas was ok and kindly declined her offer, despite her insistence. After making a quick trip to refresh his one skeleton, he went back to the Drunken Ogre to meet his friends and sleep.
The next morning, the party awoke and came down to talk about the previous day’s events. Pirrim made sure to leave a glass of water for Serin, who was still passed out in a cute but drunken stupor. The party discussed, talking about the events of the Flying Orc, and how best to approach their ever impending contract.
Pirrim asked Maz about where she might find a way to play at the coming Naming Festival. Maz informed her that she could go the council, made of the three heads of the noble families and the governor. Pirrim also discovered that the youngest daughter of one of the nobles, named Dyra, was a regular at the Flying Orc.
During this, Serin awoke, hungover and embarrassed for her previous night’s actions. Pirrim assured her it was ok, and simply asked to have her talk to her brother so that Pirrim might play the Silver Drow while she was in town. Serin agreed to speak to her brother, and after finishing her breakfast as best she could, left.
The party agrees it was time to visit this council. They made their way to the North side of the city, and after waiting in line for a bit, along with an unlucky attempt to filch a purse by Eris.
The party entered the manor, it’s opulent decoration making Tormund and Pirrim a little uncomfortable. Along the walls hung the banners of Adremus as well as the sigils for the three noble houses, Founson, Kinleaf and Chrimmea.
The party eneterd the chambers and found four individuals. The mayor Asda Myratha, Dessus Kinleaf, Andamea Founson, and the head of house Chrimmea, who’s name no one in the party caught. Pirrim stepped forward and asked for a spot to play in the festival. The council quickly agreed, saying that as long as Maz put in a good word for her, there is no reason that she would not be able to.
The party was ushered out, but Thomas stayed behind, attempting to blend in with the lesser politicians who lined the walls. He was seen however, and so Thomas gave them his papers of nobility and was allowed to stay and watch the rest of the day’s proceedings, which he chose to do.
The rest of the party was ushered out, with Thomas now missing again. They decided to investigate the Founson estate, hoping to find Dyra and get more information on the Flying Orc.
Upon arriving at the house, they found it with small but well-built walls and guards at the gate. Eris managed to sneak her way over the wall, and break in through a small open window on the ground floor. After sneaking through the house, she found the bedroom of Dyra, who was not home, and a bedroom further down, which was being guarded.
Eris used her disguise self spell to turn into the guard she had seen at the gate, who’s name she learned was Chet, and convinced one guard to take his leave, and the other to go get Pirrim and Tormund, claiming they were “special guests” here to visit the room.
The other guard reluctantly agreed and lead Pirrim and Tormund through the house and to the room. After some discussion, in which Pirrim and Tormund had no idea Chet was in fact Eris in disguise, they decided to all go into the room, only to find a woman in her early 30’s, rocking back and forth and seemingly crying.
The woman looked up, her eyes pure black, and hissed as black smoke poured out of her mouth.

Fast Times in Amallin
That time we reached a city with an actual population

Time Covered: Fulldae, the 2nd of Saesmonth – Waxsdae, the 7th of Saesmonth, 1561 AC

With the displacer beasts dispatched, the Patchwork Pilgrims finally had time to meet the person they had just saved from impending death. Her name is Pirrim Galanodel, a Half-Elf who has spent most of her life living in the wilds, but is now looking to find a place for her and her mother to settle.
With introductions out of the way, the party offered her some travelling company as they made their way to Amallin. After a couple days of Travel, Damia disappeared in the night, probably to find the Library of Sythia.
After about 6 days of travel, the party entered the city of Amallin. With no issues getting into the city, the party began searching for a tanner for their displacer beast hides. Pirrim was able to quickly find the location of a tanner who would be able to work with the hides, and the party entered the tannery.
The man, A human named Tereth, was able to give the hides a quick look over. Pirrim realized that the product the hides made may prove to be valuable, and so began discussing what the hides would become with Tereth. In their discussions, they also learned that Dessus Kinleaf, the man that they were now obligated to assassinate, was naming an heir in two weeks time and that the city was preparing for a celebration.
Tereth informed her they would become cloaks of displacement, giving the wearer the same effect that the displacer beasts have naturally. After some pretty intense bartering, a deal was struck. It would take 5 months for both hides to be turned into their finished product, and a 500gp down payment was put down, with a 3000gp payment expected upon pick-up.
After the deal, Thomas went in search of a shrine or church to his goddess and the rest of the party went in search of some things to buy.
Pirrim went to find a bar where she might be able to perform that evening, finding the Drunken Ogre, and it’s owner, Maz as the place to settle in. She also heard of another Inn, the Flying Orc, that was a little odd, but also not a bad place to stay. Maz gave her a spot for the early dinner crowd, and the deal was struck.
Meanwhile, Eris and Tormund found a small Magic shop, where Eris was able to purchase three potions of healing. They also found a brooch and a satchel that interested them, but despite their efforts at bargaining (and Eris almost trading in the wand of paralysis), they were unable to reach a deal.
The party regrouped at the Flying Orc (minus Thomas) to find that the bar was staffed entirely by very attractive men, much to the delight of both Eris and Pirrim. There was also a half-elven woman, who seemed to the owner of the establishment. While Tormund was a little uncomfortable, he got used to it and they party stayed for a drink.
As Tormund began asking one of the waitstaff about Dessus Kinleaf, he noticed that man spoke with an odd, flat tone that suggested either a degree of mental issues or mind control. After speaking with the Half-elven woman, he found that the waiter had been kicked in the head by a horse as a child, and was a little slow.
Pirrim has to go set up for her gig and left, and Tormund told Eris what had transpired. Eris was now curious and attempted to sneak into the back of the bar, but was headed off at the pass by the owner. Stymied, she and Tormund left to a stern grin from the Half-elven woman.
Back at the Drunken Ogre, Pirrim was ready to play, and as her new friends arrived, she began. Though a mediocre start, she soon found her groove and gave a three hour set, much to the thrill of the patrons and the owner.
Settling in after the show, the group was able to reconvene and talk about what happened at the Flying Orc, and decided to return to see what might be going on there. Pirrim also had the chance to speak with some of the patrons, and learn a little more about the city. One such patron, a young elven woman named Serin, even did her best to seduce Pirrim. From her Pirrim learned that Serin had a brother named Drin who works at the Silver Drow, where Dessus Kinleaf was known to go on occasion.
By then end of the evening, Serin was a little too drunk, so with Thomas still gone, Tormund and Eris bunked up, and Pirrim put the young elf to sleep.

A New Friend?
That time the party saved someone

Time Covered: Fulldae, 2nd of Saesmonth. 1561 AC.

We rejoin our heroes as they meet an old friend on the road. George, the assassin that had travelled with the Patchwork Pilgrims before they were known as such. George was there with two agents of the Hand of Sythia. One, as Air Gensai, and another, who stayed back and didn’t really talk.
After greeting, George informed the party that he was there to collect the 2,000gp debt that the party had purchased from Kyda. Thomas stepped in, offering to work with the Hand in order to settle the debt in a non-monetary way. Though the other two seemed to not want to, George was able to convince them to give the party their nearest contract, a contract to kill a lord by the name of Dessus Kinleaf.
With business done, the party bid the group of assassins adieu and were on their way. After a few hours of travel, with the sun beginning to set, they found a Half-Elven woman set upon by three displacer beasts.
Though alone she may have perished, after a fierce battle with the hard to hit creatures, the party was able to help her kill off all three beasts. The party was happy to find that this half-elf was not completely defensless as she was able to call down lightning from the sky. After the battle, Tormund and the newcomer, Pirrim, both managing to the skin two of the beasts.
The party now finds themselves with a possible new ally as the sun continues to set.


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