Adventures in Archamae

The Planning Begins

That time the party planned to kill a dude

Time Covered: Newdae, the 13th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC – Fulldae, the 16th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC

The party found themselves back at the Drunken Ogre with only six days to fulfill their contract on Dessus Kinleaf. They began to start to plan exactly how to get away with the crime when a young woman in full armor entered the bar. Her name was Thera, and she was there on a mission from the Church of Pholtus, a lesser known deity of light and law.
While at first, the party was unsure of her, Tormund convinced them that having a Paladin from a more “good” god would be a good cover for their mission. AS such, the party took to keeping her around. Thera was more than happy for this, as she was sent to investigate a rash of demonic activity in the area that the party was directly involved in. One of her missions was to investigate the group, so Thera was more than happy to hang with the group.
After that, Thomas noticed a gnome sitting on the end of the bar, seemingly listening to their conversation. Thomas and Eris figure it would be best for her to follow the gnome and see what he was up to. Tormund and Thomas set out to again try and find the roots for Thomas’ poison with Thomas leaving a flirty note for the gnome. This time, with the help of Thomas, they were able to successfully find the necessary ingredient and bring it back to the Drunken Ogre, where Thomas could begin his work.
Meanwhile, Eris followed the gnome back to Founson Manor. She then came back to the bar to find Thomas awake and waiting for her and she disclosed the information. The party then spent the next couple days discussing this, along with just how they plan to kill Dessus, all while trying to keep Thera more or less in the dark. The plan decided upon was sneak into the Silver Drow the night before the festival and sneak some poison into his drink. This would be done by using Pirrim’s connection with Serin to get someone working at the bar.
During all of this, Eris snuck into Kinleaf Manor twice. Once to recover a sample of his writing for a previous plan that involved giving his seat to his daughter Shaya as opposed to the assumed heir Avanin, And the second to find official documents to see just who he was giving his power to. This lead to a break in of the Gubernatorial Manor and city offices, and it was discovered that Dessus planned to pass the head of house title to his daughter, skipping over his elder son (which had not been done in the Kinleaf house for 500 or so years).
With everything set and as much information as possible gathered. The party could only wait until the right night to finish the contract they had started.



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