Party Economics

A nice place to keep track of what everyone has in the way of gold, magical items, potions, etc.

Eris: 80gp, Boots of Elvenkind, Wand of Paralysis, 3 Potions of Healing, Stone Bowl with Gold inlay, Luckstone.

Thomas: 185gp. Quicksilver, 1 Regular health potion, 1 greater health potion.

Tormund: 3gp, 2 Regular health potions, Cloak of Protection, Mace of Disruption.

Pirrim: 525gp, Canaith Mandolin.

Current undivided items: None

Current Shared Wealth: 0gp

Current Party debts:
1 contract, to kill Dessus Kinleaf for the Hand of Sythia. 4 days remain (20th of Saesmonth).

3,000gp to Tereth, the tanner in Amallin for 2 Cloaks of Displacement, to be picked up in 5 months (approx. the 7th of The Full).

Party Economics

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