Adventures in Archamae

Time to Party!

The time we put together a party in 8 hours

Time Covered: Waxsdae, 14th of Firlant. 1561 AC.

The party began by standing with the dead bodies of their enemies, having just felled the necromancer and his ilk. The party began to search the cavern and bodies for any items that may of use. While Thomas chatted with Quicksblade and began taking notes about the altar and the ritual that was taking place. It was calling upon two gods of death, Iuz and Nerull to power out more zombies to assault the town. Damia also found a bit of treasure as she noticed a ring on the necromancers finger. She attempted to slyly wrangle it off, but Cleetus noticed, cause a bit of an interrogation.
After convincing everyone that the ring had belonged to her grandmother, the party set out to leave the caves, first trying a new way, and coming across an underground river flowing through the system that seamed to lead somewhere. They decided, however, to simply track their way through the caves and head on back to Marathea. On the way Thomas got to know Quicksblade better, and Damia became attuned to her new ring of protection.
Upon arriving in town, the party found things to be picking up, with even a couple vendors who had arrived in town to sell their wares. The party immediately went to speak with Governor Thornwood, who was surprised to see the party’s numbers had swelled from the original three she had met to five. After a small negotiation, everyone but Cleetus was given their 150gp, and Cleetus was given permission to have the local black smith sculpt him new weaponry or armor, free of charge.
The Governor also asked what to call the party in her letter to Adremus, and after some deliberation, the name Patchwork Pilgrims was chosen. She also inquired as to what else, if anything, was to be feared, and Thomas advised her to get a priest and a temple to get here quick, because evil altars are known for bringing in some bad folks
Leaving the governor’s house, Damia came up with a plan, which began with buying all of the produce the local farmers were selling in the square. Then she went to the Goldenfae in to speak with Jyr, the innkeep. There, she negotiated a contract to throw the town a party, using the tables and booze from the Inn, as well as the food she had purchased. Jyr agreed, coming to the sum of 350gp for four hours of open bar.
While this was happening, Thomas watched the produce while working on some legal documents.
Meanwhile, Tormund and Cleetus went to visit the other vendor in the market place, and halfling named Kyda. Kyda did not have much, but a very nice wand and a few potions caught their eye. The wand was being sold for too high a price (750gp), but the pair made a promise to get the potions later, if Kyda would not sell them to anyone else. The two then made their way back to the party, as Damia retuned from the Inn, party now starting to truly take form.
From here, the party made a plan, while Damia went to look for a cook, Cleetus, Thomas, and Tormund went back to Kyda to see what they could do about negotiating some prices.
Through their negotiations, they learned the Kyda was in debt to the mysterious organization known and the Hand of Sythia. A group of criminals and assassins, and some of the best in the land. Thomas offered a trade. The wand and a larger potion they had noticed, and in return the party would buy the debt from Kyda and deal with the Hand themselves. Though taken aback by such an offer, Kyda agreed and the deal was struck.
Damia easily found the best cook in town, a gnomish mother of four named Endria, and convinced her to cook for the party.
Thomas then when back to Governor Thornwood to gain approval for the party the was being planned. News having already reached her ear by the time he got there, she was more than happy to give approval, as long as things didn’t get too crazy.
Thing came together as Tormund and Cleetus hunted a deer for the festivities, and everything was set in the town square.
The party began with Damia giving a rousing and heart-warming speech to the town, praising the guards and the people for fending off the zombie menace for so long. As she did this, Thomas took his paperwork to outside of the town, bringing with him the body of the necromancer they had brought back as proof. After his own speech to Quicksblade, he finished a ritual, asking the church of Wee Jas permission to raise another skeleton, and added another member to the party.
Returning to the party and finding it in full swing, Thomas and Damia met with Kyda to make the transference of debt official. As the paperwork was signed, the glowing emblem of the Hand, a Black hand withe a blue eye in the middle, magically appeared on the paperwork.
The rest of the evening was spent partying until everyone was ready for bed, prepared for whatever new adventures may face them.



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