Adventures in Archamae

The Bargining

That time the party bargained with a Dragonborn.

Time Covered: Falldae, the 11th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC. – Newdae, the 13th of Saesmonth. 1561 AC

After Pirrim used the last of her abilities to identify some of the items the party had collected for Tiberius, Pirrim and Tormund went to sleep. While the two Slept, Eris and Thomas took the time to count and arrange the haul. Upon waking up, Pirrim and Tormund came downstairs. The party began to attempt to figure the value of the collected items, which they figured to be somewhere in the range of 10,000gp.
The party figured that they were owed more than the mandolin that had been promised to Pirrim. They took the time to figure how exactly they hoped to barter with Tiberius, as they had no interest in the items at hand (save the Wand of Wonder) they thought it might be best to try and haggle with the dragonborn to see if they couldn’t sweeten the deal.
After the discussion, Pirrim asked Thomas to deliver a message to Serin. Thomas agreed and took the Wand of Wonder with him, looking for a place to try it out. Though he was unable to give the message to Serin, as only her father and brother were at the stand, he was able to use the wand, which turned him invisible.
He returned to the Drunken Ogre and managed to startle Pirrim and Tormund by teleporting into the room. Meanwhile, Eris went out to double check their prices with a local blacksmith who specialized in enchantments. Though she was unable to talk to him personally, she did speak with someone at the smithy, who gave her the prices of the items, though was disappointed that she did not purchase anything.
Upon her return, their suspicions confirmed, they decided it would be best to go to Tiberius with only the family heirloom sword, but leaving the rest of the goods at the inn.
The next day, Pirrim and Thomas went to the Mage’s Hand to talk with Tiberius. After pleasantries, they were able to convince the shop owner to give each party member one item from his stores, along with Pirrim’s mandolin. The party then took Tiberius back to the inn, and he collected his goods. The party was excited to collect their items, and followed him back to his shop to claim their rewards.
As the party decided on their items, Pirrim went out with her new toy to find Serin. Passing her working at her shop, she was only able to give wayward glances while Serin’s father stared her down. Serin was later able to meet Pirrim at the Drunken Ogre, and they took the time to go out on a small date to a riverside restaurant. Though the date was exceedingly awkward, they decided to meet again soon.
Somewhere along the way, Tormund realized that he could summon a mount, and so he did! With his majestic Elk, Thomas asked him to go out and search of some ingredients for a poison he was looking to use against Dessus. Though Tormund did look majestic on his steed, he was unable to find the ingredient.
The party reconvened that evening to figure what should be done next.



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